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Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Bloody Chamber

ok so it's Sunday, Everyone else is out having roasts and long walks and beach experiences on a warm Sept afternoon and I'm in the studio working on my own work because I want to! what better reason! I'm working on a competition and here are some sketches. I say sketches because I have to scan all the bits in at a higher res at some point. anyway here it is so far... all inspired by Angela Carter and the Bloody Chamber. I finally think I've cracked this one, so I've added the text, as if it would be a cover.


  1. Nice.
    & I haven't read that book for ages !

  2. Great work! I am now inspired to take a look at the Bloody Chamber myself!

  3. What better way to spend a Sunday.

  4. I know! it's the one thing that's driving me at the moment!...can't get enough!