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Sunday, 18 September 2011

false starts, happy endings

It's Sunday and I'm in the studio, I'd love a Drifty roast but low on pennies and really needed to crack some work out for Scattered Art next week. So, after a false start and some rubbish bits of painting I finally concentrated on the images I really felt connected to, reference pics that is, and worked from there. Ones I didn't know would work, or why they would, but started from there and the first one had no legs but I liked the way I painted it, and saw that he looked like a conductor. I liked it, framed it and voila! it's all come together! Everything I was trying to achieve with my unit 3 at college had come to it's conclusion! a hint of some interaction rather than a description which is where mine for bordering on before. So a prop is used. I have painted three and I like them but I can make them better for the next ones, less contrived and considered as these still are a bit but they are definitely closer to what is in my mind now which is great. Very exciting. Anyway here they are, cheers for dropping in...x


  1. Love these bears mi dear. Hope all's good with you x

  2. awe cheers Sovay.. yeah all ok...just getting through it all!.. Striving for an expo on New York if you know of any contacts ? or advice? tips etc..hope you;re good too and great to see you guys at Greenman.. Emily is really sweet. never really spoken to her before.. see you soon x