'The place where inspiration hits the page running... A sketchbook to fail and reflect on my work and my process'

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

some new sketchbook work

I've decided ...again!...that i need to draw more. So I've started another sketchbook here are some pages from it so far...just my immediate environment, so nothing amazing but interesting layers and bits n bobs. I've been stumbling on my MA work and the work for the Cheltenham Illustration Competition so I went to see a friend to chat over it all with fresh eyes, which was a great help!..thanks George! here's one image I've done. I now need to make sure it all makes sense and be a little more creative with it all. So onwards and upwards.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Working with a fuzzy head!

I still have a cold that started in March but muddling on through! We did well in the Scilly Gig champs with a 28th out of about 130 boats. I've returned in good spirits, albeit fed up with being full of cold!, but I've been working on the Cheltenham illustration prize this week... I'm coming up with some interesting images but not sure any of it is really making sense enough to reach an audience yet? so I'm hoping by posting some of it that it may jolt something or let me see it in a different more detached way? so here are some images for Tree Time Tales. I won't go into my reasoning for them as I'm too close to make it sound solid enough yet. I've included a more editorial slant on a similar theme.