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Friday, 22 May 2009

nuthin goin on!

..well I don't seem to be able to start or do anything of any substance this week. Waiting for a client to come back with feedback on a sketch and just generally feeling like my head is fluffy cottonwool.. nothing going on in there!... buut a rest is good after a hectic month or so of long working days...these are two I've just played around with... I love the beast image that both Julia and I created so have been working with him as a figure to propel me into doing some creative bits...could even make a good animation??
 the other is James's childhood toy Oppety who also features in one book I did called 'There Are No Such Things As Monsters!' 2009 publication....these are in oils which I haven't used since college so trying to get to grips with them...but it is beginning to work although I have a long way to go to get anywhere near where I am in my head with them... I'm getting some work ideas together for the show in sept with hi5 so a slow steep hill to some work good enough to grace the walls of the show... I think I'm off to get some storage bits for my bedroom! make the most of my empty head by shopping! x

and on the slug theme here's a great picture I took on the Scillies... huge schlugg! I did laugh!

THis guys work is really interesting. I love his painting...Carmen Segovia..http://www.marlenaagency.com/carmen/carmen_frame.html

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

nice things...

my friend and I are hoping to collaborate on a book idea I have....he co founded the Tea Appreciation Society and although I would never tell him he's got quite good taste in music and art n stuff!....go and have a look...I've done some work for him ...some he used and some he didn't grrrr!!! They are now working with Howies on some tee ventures and have their logo painted on the wall of the Carnaby street store.. woohoo!..

...wos on

... well my first blog ever...so watch this space and when I get a few moments I will add some more exciting stuff... I've just finished my current book...I've had the proof back and it looks ok. this is one image from it. 
I am collaborating with four friends this year for an exhibition here in Cornwall. We are called hi5 and hope to find an empty shop somewhere in St Ives in Sept, in conjunction with the St Ives festival. 
I have recently been to the Lemon Street Gallery where Anna Gardiner is exhibiting. Really lovely paintings with loads of texture and really good variation in size and pretty impressive prices! http://www.lemonstreetgallery.co.uk/anna-gardiner-exhibition.asp
I'm off to Edinburgh Book festival in August to do a workshop and sign some books etc which is exciting...
I have just finished working with a couple of singer / songwriters... one being Benjamin Winter. ...providing him with artwork for his album out in Sept 09.
the other being Angus Stone and his new venture as Lady Of the Sunshine. Producing artwork for the album leaflet.

Continuing to do commissions for locals and constantly getting emails from the website for commissions and just advice on the world of being an illustrator.

...but for now that's it and should do some work! cheerio