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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Some more college work... tea-cards that have a 'singles' slant on them... maybe these could be sold as part of a Match.com package? when you sign on? free tea bags with cards inside...or a range of teabags that have these inside? or would that be rubbing it in slightly? maybe not such a good idea??? or simply a book idea that may sell in an artsist gift shop/gallery like Here and Now?... there could be all sorts of characters and animals etc so you would match them to each other however you liked?...anyway I wanted to start creating characters that I could possibly start writing narratives for but I think I'm more interested in the techniques and something simple and immediate...leaving the viewer to make up their own narratives and character assessment for example. I could easily make a book with these characters and it to be a book that would amuse.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

some new work!

Some new work from my Unit 2 for my MA... I'm not sure how these would be presented... I have a feeling they would simply be paintings with a title... the title being important, in that it would be their context? maybe the title contrasting heavily with the image? I'm presenting next week so need to do lots more!....wI'm hoping that seein them up on the web will help me see them differently... ie detaching them from my grasp so I can look at them objectively!...we'll see..