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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

letting go and spewing out!

Just having some fun and making marks... Cy twombly influence on this one I think...not sure he'd be too pleased though.

It's nice just making and not considering! I now have the confidence to work without consideration and purely excreting the inside, out. I now know that this has to happen for me to focus, crop, analyse and make sense of it all. Before, this process of throwing up all the marks in my head through my fingers, was something I did only when I really had to, and felt I had the time to do. But now I realise this is part of my process. By posting them I make sense of them, discard or embellish them. they'd be great really large but these are from my sketchbook so maybe my next new project will be large! for now I will continue with the MA project and see where it ends...if at all.

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