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Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I've had a really good, constructive day! It started off pretty slowly with a run with Bo, breakfast and a cup of tea. It took a while to get going, so I read Varoom, felt a bit of a failure and very unprofessional, so I started on my own work. Set myself a goal of nailing a story I was working on and I did it! I stayed late and did a whole set of thumbs and here's one of them... this is a rough but I love the colours....I'm really enjoying doing my own work and only having to please me, and not being so commercial is lovely. So back to it tomorrow and then to proper work next week, starting with some work with Oxford Uni Press. I'm also working with Mike Wilson, from UCF, on some dark Breton fairytales for a book he's translating from Breton into French into English. I will post some pics when I get into work. They're looking dark and mysterious at least! Bye for now.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Hey, I haven't been on here in ages! I'm actually living life a little and spending my weekends away from the studio and spending it in lovely company in the sunshine, which had been really rather rewarding! and long may it continue. It, however, means my blogging suffers, which isn't so good. I am desperate to post my work in progress but it's not ready and I don't want anyone to see it until it is, so watch this space. I am currently waiting for the start of my next book with LTP, and tying up a few work ends before I start. I am giving myself two days a week for my own work and it feels nice to fuel the soul.

here's a teaser from something I'm working on now...

I have also booked myself into the Salthouse Gallery for the 25th Oct for a week, so a solo show on the cards in St Ives later this year, with a ding dong of a private view I hope.

In other news, I've been working with Ruarri Joseph on an album cover for the past few months. I've really enjoyed the work and working with Ruarri, but not sure the work will be used, so I'll post what we've discarded here and hope something makes it past the cutting room floor.

Then I did a piece for my brother's "Speaking Volumes' Press so here that is.. spinning around the words Speaking Volumes. I've cropped one which I think I prefer. It also has to be black and white, which is a shame and goes to show that some images do and don't work in black and white.

Anyhoo, that's it for now, I may update this  later...but before I do go, my friend Julia has gone solo and her new album is really worth a listen. She sent me a copy a few weeks ago and it's been on loop since then. Her sister has been visiting and is lovely having connection with the Stones again, so if you haven't heard it yet, go and get yourself a copy of By The Horns. (I unfortunately have nothing to do with the artwork this time round, but you never know for next time? )