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Thursday, 15 September 2011

I have created a new blog called Number44. It is somewhere where you can find links and artists and eventually advice, but mainly those little bits and pieces that spice being a creative! Would be great for you to drop in and have a look and although it looks a little bare now I will be uploading new and exciting bits very soon. In the meantime go to it's sister blog on Facebook.

The name came from my childhood home and has always been a number that I have felt connected to, and was where all my influences were born.


  1. Hi Caroline. Thought I would follow you on blogger. Me super busy. Its all on my blog page. Going to go have have a look at Number 44 now.
    All the best to you.

  2. woohoo! great to hear from you how's you? I'll go look at yours..xx ooher!..x

  3. Just been to see Johnny its all very wet here. Oooher madam, mind where you put that brush. Some lovely work here. I will be dropping by from time to time. TATA C. X

  4. cheers Pard!...x funny to see Doug playing !.. old times! x well not for him! x