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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I've made a new Facebook page. It's easier on Facebook as I know so many people on there that can, and do, access it and the majority being arty friends, so can pass 'stuff' on easily! so here's the link to Number 44. Go see and 'like' if you can.
So what is it I hear you ask? Well, it's a meeting place for driving creativity in the community and basically sharing good creative links, events, artists etc! I want it to be a vessel for all the things I can't help but pass on. I have really enjoyed passing links on through the college email list and as I have finished, seems unfair to burden people still, so therefore the Facebook page where people can dip in and out when they want to.

I have also today rehung the MA work in the Museum cafe in Truro, with Truro Arts, and it looks great. Lovely cafe if you are passing, and Donna and Lucy have great plans for the shop and events etc that surround the cafe and shop, which opens in November with a big party, can't wait! so watch this space.

I am exhibiting with Alan Clarke, Rose Forshall and Amy Adele Seymour.

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