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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

platinum award for A Book Like THis

Well I had a surprise this morning when I was delivered a package that looked like a painting. Well it was framed but was a framed disk...a platinum disk! which is over a million sales.. how amazing.. It has my name on it!...why? because I did the artwork for it! Cathy and the guys had kindly added my name to the list of people to get one!. I am so stoked!.. finally I have won an award for my artwork!...one of my little goals in life. Now one for my children's books please! Although I think that may take a little longer! good news to ease a hard slog of work.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Julia Stone cd Artwork

Julia Stone cd artwork... It took me just over two weeks of solid painting to do 10 illustrations for the 10 songs, and also the title lettering etc, but I got it all done in time for her to put the cd out a week or so later.. a very quick turn around and generally looking great!.. I love the cover! all inspired from vintage posters from the 50's.. All briefed and designed by Julia. She knew exactly what she wanted...as usual which is great and helps speed up the process. So here are some of them in the cd booklet.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Lovely ladies that do lunch!!

Today I gave a lecture at Fowey Luncheonclub. I didn't know what to expect but I definitely didn't expect the Fowey Hall! it is a lovely building and the ladies were very welcoming . I took Anna up with me and we had a lovely lunch and talked to the ladies on our table who were just lovely! I really enjoyed it and will definitely be putting them on my mailing list for any future shows! Thank you ladies! xxx
and here's a letter from the ladies after the event...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I've been inspired by a walk! every morning I walk my dog for nearly an hour up to beacon just a mile or two away from where I live. I've found a walk that takes me into my work but has a lovely field and some woodland to walk through. I love it! It really starts the day off really nicely! after a mornings work I am off on my only holiday in a couple of years.. I'm going to the End Of The Road Festival in Dorset on Thursday and can't wait.. I've really needed a break this year!... it's been constant! so hoping to come back tired but inspired!... I also stumbled across a great magazine when I went up to PCAD Plymouth College of Art and Design for an interview for a part time lecture post there. It's called Oh Comely and it's worth a look. A book to pause and drink coffee with! I went to the Lizard the other day and stayed at a friends Farm.. Beautiful place with a tipi and an amazing kitchen, chickens, sheep etc and we went for a misty walk along the coast and stumbled across a farmer and his cattle Bobo chased one and frigtened me to death, thinking he'd be trampled but all was fine. We camped there and had a great weekend! in the misty rain!
Today i went to see the final year MA show.. I only had time for the Illustration but was really inspired by how good it all looked! I bought a fe
w of the more affordable pieces I loved and would love to buy more so will hopefully
buy some books when my next cheque comes in!