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Thursday, 23 July 2009

what a great day!!!

hey.. I've had a great day!!!.. I had an email from Julia (Stone) asking if I could try and image for them for a new album cover. It's only a trial as yet as they're not sure if they're gonna use it yet but I really enjoyed doing it.. Back to my old realistic style... I didn't spend too much time on it and did it in half a day but I like it!... it needs a banner and cherubs and some flowers dotted around yet but this is the basic image... Great to be back in touch and hoping they use the image. I also made some brownies for my mate Duncan who's birthday it is and made some more cakes for the gig regatta on Sat..so all in all a really industrious day!.. and the sun came out aaaaaand I was in the winning crew at the local Newquay races last night.. Felt great! and we won a medal.. it was a real squeez as we were second all the way round until the last stretch where we passed the winning boat by a boat length to take the finish line in style!!! woohoo!!.. my boy has gone up to Leicester for a week so I miss him but lots to look forward to this week including meeting the hi5 guys at the Krowji art show in Redruth this Sunday..12 til late I think.. Bands playing and lots of tea and cake and art!... I did these logos for our group. I quite like them. the single hi5 hand works best...

Friday, 17 July 2009

Noodles doodles!

...and some more Noodles doodles...hi to Sheryl (Webster) the writer! 
Here's a small test of the wool to be possibly flocked... this is only a test so I'm hoping to make the wool more fluffy and more floppy looking... also the design I would like to happen on the front cover... if they go with it? we'll see... 
...and another page spread sketch in progress. I'm also just doing some Christmas card designs for Ling Design so fingers crossed I do some they like and I get some new work out of it!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

...well not much to report this week. Just been twiddling my thumbs a little. Sat on the beach reading my arts mag and went swimming on Wed afternoon... (although feeling a little guilty) but thankfully as it poured down on Thursday! Anyway having waited for work with new client, Sterling to start I've actually started sketches this week. Work with my main Publisher is slow so finding things to do inbetween work with them... buut I have created a print from the image I did for Angus and Julia Stone...The Beast... I had an enquiry to do a print of the image so I've made it look like an etching and I'm quite pleased how it's turned out...