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Sunday, 31 October 2010

I went to see a couple of shows recently..

I went to the Millenium Gallery in St Ives and saw Marcel Hansellar. It was a brief but great show. I am not so keen on the more explicit work, as it interferes with the pleasure of my eyes resting on the work. It makes my mind go on overdrive when I just want to sink into the painting. But anyway here's some of it and the beautiful colours!..A show I missed there back in July was Joy Wolfenden Brown. Her work is so intimate and soft but so strong. Very inspiring!. Thank you Millenium! I popped in to see my amazing friend Faye, who has a studio at Trewidden Studios in Penzance. It was lovely to see where she works as she's a hugely inspiring friend, artist and mother. Go see her work here.

some more inspiring work from Andrew Hem

...beautiful, loaded and inspiring!

some more scrummy work that you could eat if you could!

another great artist.... Olaf Hajek....I love this work ...
vibrant, delicious and scrummy!.....this makes me want to get in the studio and lay some paint down! He's got a nice apartment too and he's pretty cute!

julie Morstad

I really love Julie Morstad's work and here's her site!.. hope you like it too! ...

...simple, beautiful and exquisite.

Friday, 22 October 2010


Well... I've been at college all day printing!. Not for me, but for my placement. I've designed a book of illustrations by former MA student Laura Wady and screen printing the cover! It's looking good! I just hope it all fits together ok and I don't let everyone down!. I'm working hard on the small things so fingers crossed everything will be fine.. Here's work in progress with a dummy book I made to see how it may look...

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The final count down...

UNIT 3... I've decided to do what I love doing and then work out what it's all about along the way.. I love collage and I love drawing well. I love exquisite work and I would love to be able to produce work that is described in such a way... A long way to go and this is a new piece along the lines I would like to work. The thing is I've seen this kind of work and know I am influenced by what I have seen soo I need to work on the different levels in my own way so i make it my own.. I'm hoping to draw animals from life, so that means going to a farm, the zoo, the museum and others so I'm looking forward to pushing myself and seeing what comes out!... this is something I stayed behind after work to do.. I haven't done any of my own drawings so I used Kiki Smiths drawing of a deer to show as an example.