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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I haven't posted on here for ages, and apologies for my bad grammar but I'm tired, and off to bed very soon. I just seem to have been so busy for a few months and now it's a little more manageable, but I don't seem to be able to manage my time too well. I need lots of work to work efficiently! So what has been going on? I held my own exhibition at the Salthouse in St Ives and it went really well. I held a private view which lots of people came to, which was lovely. Lots of other people popped in during the week and although I didn't sell anything, I swapped two pieces and had a lot of interest from some really interesting people and loved chatting to people about the work. Debbie at the Plumbline and Orchard gallery in St Ives, chose 5 of the best pieces which will be on permanent exhibition there, until they sell and I can replenish. The rest are in Truro Arts in the Arts Cafe until the 3rd Dec.

I recently had some photos taken by my very talented and lovely artist / photographer friend Emma Griffin.
.....and then there was a proposal... my boyfriend asked me to marry him, so we are to be married next year! All very exciting, and I can't wait! or quite believe it! 

So my next move is to move house in January, to the South side! Where I will have a small studio that my boyfriend is insulating and making cosy for me. It's small but I will be painting in there, which I'm really looking forward to. Getting back into work and getting some new work on the go. I have to do some work to put into Bucca in Newlyn, with Sam Bassett, Jesse Leroy Smith and Henry Garfitt, which is really exciting. So a few things on, and a small count down to Christmas with some published work, some personal work and a commission or two, and lots of wedding planning! Back with more sometime soon (and hopefully news of new work very soon!).

I made a book and some cards
my working sketchbooks were out for people to look through

look who came to visit! Bobo chilling out!

My Mum and Dad came early to deliver Mum's homemade biscuits! They were rather popular!

Plumbline and Orchard Gallery, St Ives...photos of my work there, coming soon
I got my friend Emma Griffin to do me some pics of Bobo and I. Lovely pics.
love this shot!
Me and the boy I am to be wedded to.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Feelings of falling leaves!

Well Autumn is upon us and there are many thoughts of the New Year ahead already. There are many changes afoot and I have had my head down working to deadlines for all sorts! My current book for Little Tiger is nearly done. I'm trying to get work done in time for my solo show in October, so I can get the work framed, and then stain and paint the frames, clean glass etc. Along with other work that is pending! so busy busy, but I do work better this way. Never have been good with quiet periods of work!

So what have I been up to? I graduated a few weeks ago, which was fun! Rebecca made cakes and I saw some old faces. Having my folks there was really lovely as I couldn't have done it all without their support.

I did a taster workshop session with Aggie Arts, at the Driftwood Spars. It was on all day, had quite a few of us creatives giving a 45 minute taster of the workshops we offer with Aggie Arts. It was a fun day and I got to do a little sketching too!

I went out to sketch the ducks!

Holly Young Hats

Caroline the silversmith

Jocie Purcell doing a cyanotype workshop

The Pasty making man! yum yum pasties

Jo Polack the feltmaker

So I am now getting some work ready for my own solo show in St Ives at the Salthouse...here are some bits from it so far! One framed properly, the other two waiting for their frames to be made...I will have about 25 paintings on show and I'm really enjoying doing them. I feel like it's work that really reflects me, my love of colour, texture and shapes. I've been using tree markings as reference for the most recent ones.

My over arching theme for the work that I do always has some element of nature in it. Whether it is a sketch in direct response to an animal in a zoo, or an interpretation of animals in modern life or simply the markings of an animal or a tree, there always has to be something that, for me, holds integrity in it's making. ie not man made. The traces, marks that nature makes are the ones that I want to mirror with my own mark making.

Faye Dobinson - friend and amazin lady!


I went to Trewidden open studios to see a friend, Faye Dobinson, and her work. Here it is and she's amazin, so look her up. I'll let the work do the talking. Sorry for the picture quality. Iphone quality with an excited hand! She is also exhibiting with Jules Greaves and Pippa Young at the Vyner St gallery in London, from the 1st-7th Oct...go here

Friday, 7 September 2012

The zoo, Leth and the Christmas Swim

I haven't posted anything on here as I've been away in the lovely Paris, and then straight back into lots of work, but I am gradually getting my head around the work for my show in Oct. I just seem to be distracted by earning a living and just things that need to be done. So Anna and I went to the zoo. I always really love having moving objects to paint and draw. It's a real challenge and invites a different, less considered way of working which I love and work best within. So here are my faves. Also I sat in at Leth and did some work from moving videos of the Christmas Swim and just made some marks.