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Monday, 28 November 2011

Conferences and deadlines

Well it's been a weird month and a lot of time spent in my head, so I'm trying to take a step back and hoping to finding a way forward soon. When I get some time to myself I will start painting from life again and just try to illustrate the world around me in order to see from a new perspective.

Last week I attended a conference for the CUC, (combined Universities Cornwall) as a guest speaker.. or inspirational speaker as they described me. I was the only case study there in person and the conference was about higher education. I made some contacts and passed on some cards to do other seminars and lectures etc so that's great. My pic and a blurb was in the brochure too! here's the link to it and a pic.

I've been doing the next Christmas card for Lou at the Driftwood Spars, so watch this space, and also working with Sam and Rob at Fabric on an illustration for a Christmas project. one of the sketches here...

I've just had the deadline for the Pylon Press' next issue extended so that's great, so I'll add that image soon. I have to do the next Folio image too and also the sketchbook project sketchbook. Time is running out and Dec is here, so with a part time job now, I have to arrange my time a lot better than I have, which could be what I need to restructure everything!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Another entry from last week. I've been away so haven't done anything this week. So here's the last one. everything was dark except Bobo's halo!..this one was really scrappily done, really quickly but it looks ok in the sketchbook. And one I made up a little of us running up towards the beacon.