'The place where inspiration hits the page running... A sketchbook to fail and reflect on my work and my process'

Friday, 15 June 2012


...these sketches feel fresh and are by no means correct in their perspective etc etc.. but I always enjoy a laziness in my application...almost not caring at all...just applying in response to what's infront of me without thought or consideration. It's something I can do more easily with every one I do. In complete contrast to the realistic work I do, and my commercial work which is so crafted and prescribed. This is freedom to me...it's my naive I guess, not meaning to be, but just out of being relaxed with your tools. I guess that comes from being comfortable and relaxed with the tools enough for them to do the talking. Cy Twombly used to use his left hand, or draw under the bed covers in the dark, in order to disengage his skills. I just try not to think about the outcome when I'm working in my sketchbook...pretend it's a throw away piece, a means to an end. Invariably this works too!

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