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Friday, 22 June 2012


A while ago I entered the folio competition and didn't get anywhere with it. Not surprisingly either, as I was using a new way of working which was still in it's infancy. Although I'm glad I entered it, I'm also glad I've decided not to enter any more competitions, or fling my work anywhere now until it is ready. Otherwise I will repeating what happened in my career, by not establishing who I am in my illustration, I risk getting known for work that really isn't me and therefore starting the whole cycle again. So I am keeping it close and moving forward only with the bits I am confident with. I have to earn a living so the new bits of work are slowly building a new folio ( it will take time), and then moving my own stories forward, in my own time and looking for work the rest of the time.

So anyway, the shortlisted results for the Folio Illustration competition came out and the results are good. Really strong in fact. It made me realise how I was nowhere near ready with my work, and a huge rethink in my process was needed.... So for beginners I took inspiration from one of the shortlisted entries and really quickly redid mine, and it was so much better! They are here....

my entry here...my work always has a tendency to look old fashioned! 

and then the one I redid...

...which looks more fresh and current. So obviously this is direct interpretation of one of the shortlisted entries, so won't go anywhere near my folio, but as an exercise it taught me that I can go too far with my work. It's almost like I feel like, without time and effort a piece isn't worth it, But actually with all the learning and skills I have, the best marks are the marks I make first and most intuitively. I have said this before and know this, but I have to keep reminding myself of this....aghhhh!

I guess I have realised that 'quick' doesn't mean throw away, it can mean confident and capable. This is what I want my work to exude, not laboured and safe like I believe my work does at times. Lesson learned on a rainy Thursday! 

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