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Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Finally I've done it and put a shop up on Etsy. I have no idea if it will work or if anyone will want to buy anything? but I gotta try. Go have a look and see if its any good? I will be adding more bits as time goes on.

In other news I had a consultation with Fig Taylor at the AOI yesterday, and it was interesting. She didn't say anything mind-blowingly inspirational, and not surprisingly with the work I sent her, buuut she did pick up on things I had rumblings of thoughts about and it has made me focus further on the things I am good at, and the things I'm not so good at!....animals is my bag!....in children's books and just art in general. Somehow I can capture the poses, well I say that, not always. Sometimes it takes a couple of goes, but I have always loved painting and drawing them! These are all done really really quickly so some aren't quite right and could be better but the more I do the better they get I hope?....So here goes for a new look, and next to change my website, so watch this space....more to come and maybe a visit to the zoo with my paints.

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