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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I thought I was going to miss it but I made it! only just!....I packed up my sketchbook and sent it to New York. Here are a few pages from it. I wanted it to be a showcase for some of my new work but instead I used it as a portal to just go a little scruffy! It may have been that I knew I would never get it back so I put lots of throw away marks in it.. well covered it with them. Which was really nice after I got over the fact that some bits just look a little rubbish, but that was it for me. To create some throw away bits that I wasn't attached too. It has helped my work too. I'm currently working with Ruarri Joseph on his new album cover and I can post a couple that don't fit the brief, therefore not ruining the surprise. So doing the sketchbook and using loose marks had loosened the work I have done for him....I'll post them later but for now here are a few pages from the sketchbook...

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