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Sunday, 8 January 2012


I'm in the studio. It's misty as, outside, and Bo and I are hanging out listening to all sorts of wonderous music on 6music for Bowies birthday! Loving it. My housemate left today, so although we're happy and chilled now, when we go home to an empty room I think we'll be a little sad, so work is keeping us cheery until that happens. I'm working on a project for Folio for the House of Illustration, which has a deadline of the 10th Jan! I haven't had any time over Christmas so this is the first chance I've had so here's one I've done for Company of Wolves.... two versions... the bottom one I prefer for the space but the darker one looks more like dusk and has more atmosphere, which is what I wanted. The other one is the finished, so one more to go..Puss in Boots and I'm there.

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