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Monday, 2 January 2012


It's been a while and I've really not done any new work for a while now as I've had a part time job over the season break. My next book is back in the swing, so that's going to keep me busy for the next month or so. I went to Bristol over New Year, just for 24 hrs. We stayed with my friend Annie in Southville in her lovely festive house. We had a lovely evening in the Star and Dove in Totterdown and met up with a few more friends there.
I took this great picture of the cropped plain trees. We had to walk through Windmill park which was really rather spooky, even with three of us!

Also I walked round Truro doing my last minute Christmas shopping last month and came across this. It was a poster that I had done through Enjoy Truro. It is one of my illustrations with a rather comical edit!

So what now. I have to think long and hard where I want to head from here on in so I need to set myself a price list and stick to it. Also really work out where I'm heading with my work and make some serious income from it. I'm thinking of opening up an Etsy shop!? any ideas, tips let me know!

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