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Saturday, 10 December 2011


In the studio on a cold and grey Saturday! Bo and I are just hanging out, listening to 6Music and painting my entry for the next Pylon publication. Plyon Press is a publication ran by the lovely guys and gals at Plymouth College of Art and Design. My first entry was the bear in a tea cup and it started a whole new body of work, which was great. This time I have revisited one of my childhood fears. The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang... which apparently was based on the book by Ian Flemming and the Child Catcher was added by Roald Dahl who was the script writer?

He was on an advert on TV years ago and both my brother and I jumped!.. powerful stuff! anyway the brief was anything to do with 'Followers' and for me the child catcher epitomises following, but in an evil sense. Although to follow is an attribute of humans and the animal kingdom, it's something that gets us into trouble and allows us to lose our heads sometimes, and lose touch of who we are without all the fuzz...! I guess the child-catcher for me stands for losing sense of what we do intrinsically, while the brightness of desire smothers our intuition and sense of reality. This is the actual entry... in black and white.


  1. Many a little one hid when the child catcher came on screen! What a nasty, but great character...

  2. Wonderful stuff indeed Caroline. Happy Christmas