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Sunday, 28 August 2011

yet another post!

I've been working on this show, for what seems an eternity. I was getting quite grumpy at the start as I couldn't get on and do anything because I didn't know what it was i was doing or why. Doing the essay has been a huge help and generally reflecting over all the successful marks and choices I have made. Preparing artwork for the show has been a real eye opener and how I did some work in enough time but at the last minute changed it all and created new work, and then deciding to frame the sketchbooks. So I really am working right up to hand in date and hanging tomorrow hopefully! My wall has a stain on it I have to rectify and yet to curate the wall. I'm enjoying doing it all and writing these notes really help to work out what I am doing and why. My worry is getting the shelves put up in time and getting the right ones too. I'm currently hand embellishing all my cards and extra small prints for sale. There will be all the originals that weren't quite right for framing for sale as unframed paintings too, so hopefully something for every pocket.

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