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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's up!...AND I'M FINALLY DONE....almost!

...just the cards to cut and some small prints to get ready for sale and wrap up some originals to sell too.... The ones that didn't make it to frame. So here is the final final show with cup in place and book in place too!...I'm really excited now and one more day of work ( commission) and then I'm on my holiday until Monday. Great stuff! Hope everyone can make it to the show and see it all in the flesh. It's going to be a strong show with lots for everyone! and lots of books to buy.


  1. Looks fantastic! I didn't catch where your exhibition is. I should very much like to visit! x

  2. hallo! yeah it's up until sat and is at the Woodlane campus at UCF... google woodlane campus- UCF in Falmouth.....and you should get something. We're right down the bottom on right by the refectory.. and the ladies toilets!..x thanks!