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Sunday, 28 August 2011

ceramics and decals...

Today I've been in the studio all day again but I did take a trip down to Bec's studio in Hayle to sort out the ceramic tea cup, with a decal of mine to fire, to put in the show. The pots she made for me were over fired but they are fine for what I need, I just hope I do them justice. Here are some pics in progress. I'm really excited and hope the kiln works ok? we'll see.....I'll know tomorrow evening when they come out of the kiln. It has inspired me to do a small course in ceramics where I can do my own illustrations and create my own one off pots...


  1. Hope all goes well in the kiln. The preview looks great. It must be wonderful to see it all coming together.

  2. yeah it is.. it feels great to actually see it all work together and has more depth than I ever intended or hoped for which is great.. I think that will only be apparent when I start talking about it? cheers and obviously the blue won't be there and all a huge learning curve.. anyway back to it cheers x