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Friday, 26 August 2011

Seeing clearly again

...Well after a month of not really feeling very positive about my work and tightening up, I've decided to frame my sketchbooks for the show. They are the marks that are fundamental for my practice, and for any movement forward. I constantly have to revisit the marks I make in them, so thought it essential to have them in the show. I am painting right up to the last minute with work to go up on the walls as I'm not 100% sure about the quality or message I am conveying with what I've done so far. I can do better but not sure I can in the time. So I have to step back and do the best I can and believe that my best work is yet to come, and this is only the start. I have a lifetime to create the work that is in my head! I have made a great start and now I can put the work out in the world slowly, on my terms and in my own time. Very exciting but hope I don't let myself down with a poor show. Less is more I guess! x

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