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Friday, 24 June 2011


I've been feeling really rather lethargic and unmotivated of late. Finding it really hard to do the things that make me work more effectively and more enjoyably too! Soo I've been staying later after work and doing my college work. It's been hanging over my head that I can't move forward and seem to be going over old stuff! so I stayed the other night and just scratched out some of my bears and retaliated a little and just flung some paint around. I really enjoyed it and felt like something lifted a little. This seems to have made an impact on my life too as I've started running with more energy again and drive. Almost as though my work feeds my mood and energy levels and the blockage that was there has gone. I've always known that my work has an impact on my happiness and general well being but never as much as now! soo anyway some of these are not aesthetically inspiring or even good in anyway, they are just sketchbook throw away pieces that are just part of the moving forward, but some are more and maybe the start of a new path that can intertwine with what I've been doing with the bears? Even if I can use one small element of the rougher more free stuff to inject some life into the more considered bears and chairs etc. I've started cropping and mucking around with one image and here are a few crops...

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