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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

platinum award for A Book Like THis

Well I had a surprise this morning when I was delivered a package that looked like a painting. Well it was framed but was a framed disk...a platinum disk! which is over a million sales.. how amazing.. It has my name on it!...why? because I did the artwork for it! Cathy and the guys had kindly added my name to the list of people to get one!. I am so stoked!.. finally I have won an award for my artwork!...one of my little goals in life. Now one for my children's books please! Although I think that may take a little longer! good news to ease a hard slog of work.


  1. simply wonderful!!
    i have to tell you - i bought the CD purely on the beauty of the artwork - i'd never heard of angus and julia stone...
    they're now my daily musical fare - esp. the new album :) - and you're on my favourite blog list :)
    and congratulations again on this awesome achievement!!!

  2. thank you!.. i missed this post, sorry! and awesome!. they are good! and great to have you on board! thanks for looking in! bye for now! xxx

  3. I heard this was based on a childrens book? What book was that? Where did you get your inspiration?
    A beautiful album and beautiful artwork

  4. yes it was...one of them was the Kookaburra cook book below but I think the actual book was a children's book. It was such a long time ago i don't remember. It was the Stone's book. They had the idea and briefed me to interpret the style.x thanks x