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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Julia Stone cd Artwork

Julia Stone cd artwork... It took me just over two weeks of solid painting to do 10 illustrations for the 10 songs, and also the title lettering etc, but I got it all done in time for her to put the cd out a week or so later.. a very quick turn around and generally looking great!.. I love the cover! all inspired from vintage posters from the 50's.. All briefed and designed by Julia. She knew exactly what she wanted...as usual which is great and helps speed up the process. So here are some of them in the cd booklet.


  1. Hey, Very good job, I love the vintage style !
    Could you tell us what movie poster you used for the main cd artwork. I remember an italian horror movie where a cat actually makes the scratchs on girl's face. If I remember well, it is something like "black cat" based on a story by edgard Allan Poe...

    I loved this poster but can't remember what is the movie.

  2. I am really curious what inspired the cover with the woman on the floor, would you mind sharing that? I have read from other sources that most of them were based on 50's horror movies?

  3. I've just found both these messages!.. sorry for the one above...I did these a while ago now, so I can't actually remember the names of the films etc...and Julia is very strong in what she wants and it was a very quick turn around.. 10 days on 10 illustrations so we just did what she wanted for these. So it was Julia's vision not mine. Knowing Julia she loves the tragedy and Beauty of life, so these posters reflect that I feel. Thanks for dropping in and sorry the reply isn't quite as interesting. Generally we chose a lot of posters and took elements from each as inspiration.... x

  4. Thanks for the response! It peaked my curiosity when I compared your work with another album by a band called Hester Prynne, the album is called The Goswell Divorce. If you Google that album you can see that they are remarkably similar. I bought The Memory Machine specifically for the artwork, you do amazing work!

  5. no worries!..and I've just looked at the other album and they've definitely used the same image as ref although we changed the hair and eye color to fit Julia's. And thank you! that's a compliment if I've ever heard one thanks so much...x

  6. Hi, for the curious ones, the cover is inspired by the movie poster "i racconti del terrore" by Roger Corman where the eagle is replaced by a cat.