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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The final count down...

UNIT 3... I've decided to do what I love doing and then work out what it's all about along the way.. I love collage and I love drawing well. I love exquisite work and I would love to be able to produce work that is described in such a way... A long way to go and this is a new piece along the lines I would like to work. The thing is I've seen this kind of work and know I am influenced by what I have seen soo I need to work on the different levels in my own way so i make it my own.. I'm hoping to draw animals from life, so that means going to a farm, the zoo, the museum and others so I'm looking forward to pushing myself and seeing what comes out!... this is something I stayed behind after work to do.. I haven't done any of my own drawings so I used Kiki Smiths drawing of a deer to show as an example.

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