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Wednesday, 3 June 2009


sunny days!!... it's beautiful out there and I'm inside drawing mice...in the snow!!... but hey I got a small surf in and a lovely cliff run and some yoga and vino in the sun in good company... all in one day so all good. Today I'm tackling my new book characters... it's taking a while to get into it but my first image is in progress... I am of course distracted by little things and this little teapot keyring did this time so I took a pic... thinking of the tea appreciation peeps...

I did take part in the Rock gig rowing event at the weekend which was lush...we came third in our heat too and beat the boys which is always great! beautiful glisteny water...
Before the event we went up a day early and camped and wandered into Padstow and had a look round... along with having an overpriced pasty which was ok until a huuuge seagull came down and nearly ripped my hand off and taking half my pasty with it!!... we stumbled across a lovely gallery, Padstow Fine Art.. ran by a lovely lady
 Steph. It was her gallery and she currently had on show David Pearce, who's work on show was awesome. really inspired... also the work of John O'Carroll who we met when we went to his gallery just round the corner.


I also realised my friends work was in there too, Robert Emery... aka Munch!...A lovely afternoon meeting lovely people who do lovely things... Inspired!...

...and here's a little something I've done today.

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