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Friday, 22 May 2009

nuthin goin on!

..well I don't seem to be able to start or do anything of any substance this week. Waiting for a client to come back with feedback on a sketch and just generally feeling like my head is fluffy cottonwool.. nothing going on in there!... buut a rest is good after a hectic month or so of long working days...these are two I've just played around with... I love the beast image that both Julia and I created so have been working with him as a figure to propel me into doing some creative bits...could even make a good animation??
 the other is James's childhood toy Oppety who also features in one book I did called 'There Are No Such Things As Monsters!' 2009 publication....these are in oils which I haven't used since college so trying to get to grips with them...but it is beginning to work although I have a long way to go to get anywhere near where I am in my head with them... I'm getting some work ideas together for the show in sept with hi5 so a slow steep hill to some work good enough to grace the walls of the show... I think I'm off to get some storage bits for my bedroom! make the most of my empty head by shopping! x

and on the slug theme here's a great picture I took on the Scillies... huge schlugg! I did laugh!

THis guys work is really interesting. I love his painting...Carmen Segovia..http://www.marlenaagency.com/carmen/carmen_frame.html

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