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Monday, 28 November 2011

Conferences and deadlines

Well it's been a weird month and a lot of time spent in my head, so I'm trying to take a step back and hoping to finding a way forward soon. When I get some time to myself I will start painting from life again and just try to illustrate the world around me in order to see from a new perspective.

Last week I attended a conference for the CUC, (combined Universities Cornwall) as a guest speaker.. or inspirational speaker as they described me. I was the only case study there in person and the conference was about higher education. I made some contacts and passed on some cards to do other seminars and lectures etc so that's great. My pic and a blurb was in the brochure too! here's the link to it and a pic.

I've been doing the next Christmas card for Lou at the Driftwood Spars, so watch this space, and also working with Sam and Rob at Fabric on an illustration for a Christmas project. one of the sketches here...

I've just had the deadline for the Pylon Press' next issue extended so that's great, so I'll add that image soon. I have to do the next Folio image too and also the sketchbook project sketchbook. Time is running out and Dec is here, so with a part time job now, I have to arrange my time a lot better than I have, which could be what I need to restructure everything!

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