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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Well after another day off and I'm in the studio again!...just can't keep away.. I think it reiterates that creating is my first and foremost goal, passtime, passion etc.... and my computer still can't get online so I'm spinning between two macs! grrrr! anyway...here's a few bits, I'm doing a book idea I've had for a while, and I'm leaning towards a more fine art one, but still trying to add some cute so it sells.. I see them being two different books at the moment so one is publishable...  here's a few images that would be covers?, title pages...something to introduce it.. It's all looking a bit somber at the moment so I have to decide what kind of audience this is for? and whether I can make it upbeat? the Duck, Death and the Tulip, by the amazingly brilliant Wolf Erlbruch, is in my head at the moment!...

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