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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


I'm meant to be doing a presentation today for a lecture I'm doing at the Maritime Museum for the Post Grad showcase next week but instead I've just had a mentor session with a RIO client and now painting myself!...I'm realistic about how I look so don't like painting myself for vain reasons but I guess it's a really good gauge of where you're at in life... I found a painting I did in 1999 when I was living in Bath and was having a great time. And one of the guy from Supergrass. I look so young in this image! and another I did last month, really scraggy and then another quick one today.. I'm losing interest in being precise but this I think captures something. All done really quickly too. I definitely look innocent in the first one and now I look older but also a bit scary! maybe determined? the Pedler frown possibly changes it slightly! anyway see what you think!


  1. Hello Caroline,

    Hope you don't mind a total stranger leaving comments on your blog, but I just love your work on children's books! I recently came upon your website, and so far my favorite of your characters is Noodle. I’ll make sure to get the book first chance. What medium did you use for painting it, acrylics or gouache? The colors look so wonderful... Best of luck to you, keep on wearing out those brushes!

  2. no problem! more the merrier and always love to hear from new people.. so thanks for dropping by. and thanks! yep still wearing the brushes out but I've found some better longer lasting ones now so fingers cross! bye for now x