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Monday, 10 October 2011


...and here's another really quick sketch..so I'm going for likability of quality of marks, rather than they are good likenesses or good portraits for example. I can draw photo-realistically, to a point, but this isn't what this is about, and although I don't particularly like these, or think they represent how well I can draw, they are more about being able to exercise my hands in capturing something. I have realised that my strength lies in the first marks I make so embracing this and working with this is what I am doing. Some subjects i choose don't work like this... Some bits of work you have to walk back from, ponder over and then rework into. In this instance, I'm looking for successes..... that happen one in 10!

 I'm hoping to do more of these really quickly so I master a way of not caring about them so much so they become more loose and spontaneous. At the moment they are too considered and safe so I need to loosen up lots...here's one that made it, the other one wasn't so good.

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