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Monday, 16 August 2010

One of my children's books is gonna be on the telly again!... no details yet but a mainstream kids program with a chosen celebrity! for next year!. Very exciting!...more exciting than my current cold!...no news at the mo as college is quietening down a bit but getting ready for the next unit and essay!... and getting on wit the next book for Little Tiger!... enjoying the thumbs and looking forward to getting started on the colour. I'm hoping to do some more colour sketches for Bobo and his book idea soon. After a really long and hard period of working constantly I have finally got some slack to recouperate! it's been a slog but l when I see the work that has been done in situ it'll all be worth it!...I've been working with Julia Stone on the artwork for her new debut solo album....finally finished and onto a tshirt design artwork...

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  1. hello,
    i've just bought 'a book like this' by angus and julia stone and i LOVE your artwork for it :)
    i didn't know she was doing a solo album, i'll look out for it.
    i hope you don't mind - i've added you to my blog list...