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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Some more college work... tea-cards that have a 'singles' slant on them... maybe these could be sold as part of a Match.com package? when you sign on? free tea bags with cards inside...or a range of teabags that have these inside? or would that be rubbing it in slightly? maybe not such a good idea??? or simply a book idea that may sell in an artsist gift shop/gallery like Here and Now?... there could be all sorts of characters and animals etc so you would match them to each other however you liked?...anyway I wanted to start creating characters that I could possibly start writing narratives for but I think I'm more interested in the techniques and something simple and immediate...leaving the viewer to make up their own narratives and character assessment for example. I could easily make a book with these characters and it to be a book that would amuse.

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