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Friday, 17 January 2014

Where Does Your Art Take You.

 I've just come back from Newlyn Art Gallery and the Pirrip Press exhibition that is nestled in (the Picture Room) with the Gareth Edwards and Peter Webster exhibition. The show was great and had a really satisfying contrast throughout. I'm having a show there later in the year as you may know and it really made me picture how I wanted it to be, so that was great. I love the work that Pirrip Press does and especially the looser screen prints, drawn and painted over by George (Hounsome) and it gave me the impetus to start on the work for my show, so I will be starting very soon on a new body of 'antidote' work, which is exciting.

Today while I was driving some things started to drop into place, like the Newlyn Show in October, my children's books and authorial work, and I can't get the word residency out of my head. So maybe it is time to think about going away to work, to get perspective and put myself into a context in hope that my work may pick up on it and move forward, helping me out of my blockage?

At college on Wednesday it was quiet in the afternoon, so I went to see what the first years were doing. They were separating an image into colour-ways and printing them on one piece of paper on the photocopier. The results were great. Here's mine...and also some of the separate layers. Not my style really but great to know there's a new technique that is not only pleasurable and easy, effective too.

After the exhibition I pootled off to Trewidden gardens to see my lovely friend and fellow artist Faye Dobinson in her studio. We chatted about life and art and our place in it all, as we always tend do, although sometimes dancing takes place too, but today just chat and coffee. One conversation came up and it made me think and ask myself a question which may help me answer why my work doesn't seem to stick anywhere.    

My question is 'where do I want my art to take me? 

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