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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

WATERLOG {a journey}

Everytime I exhibit a body of work I create a book to accompany it, so here is the book to accompany the work for Waterlog.

picking 25 up on Friday, ready for sale at the Poly on the 6th Aug.
with excerpts from the Roger Deacin book included

so now a set of three
Also to accompany the work, a description for those interested.

Waterlog {a journey}
The images I create are inspired by the world around me. More than ever I feel finely tuned in to my immediate environment, through the objects that I touch, the structures I live within and the energy of situations and relationships close to me. It all effects me, so my work is where I work out the parts that go deeper than I can understand, where I conclude, let go and find peace and clarity.

I want my work to emanate this sense of calm and resolution, while hopefully offering integrity through its honesty and inquiry. I have realised that although my world can be in complete flux and my mind muddled, my work can settle and calm my mind and body, encouraging alternative emotions to stress, worry and confusion.

My paintbrush is where I think, work things out and come to conclusions by punctuating thoughts and worries with the marks that I make. It is a place where I pass through turbulence, failure and stress, and where I have reached a certain level of application that allows me to unlock my inner thoughts and my unconscious mind, in order to travel through it and out the other side. 

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