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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I haven't had a chance to bring everything up to date on here, but in the mean time I'm in a show called Waterlog with Rose Forshall and John Kilburn. I met these guys on the MA course at Falmouth and have been in contact ever since. Rose asked John and I if we would come in with her for an exhibition at the Poly, so we did. The results will be available for all to see on the 5th August until the 12th August, with a preview night on August the 6th, all welcome from 7-9pm.
Here's the work in progress and the poster.

Someone could argue that the images I have created are not illustration. I would agree that it is not commercial illustration, as this works within context that serves a purpose, to illustrate a point or a text, or product. These images here don't answer a brief or illustrate any of the above, but illustrate my mind and how I feel about water, and how it effects me emotionally. As an authorial illustrator the boundaries between fine art and illustration are more blurred, and for me they sit side by side. For each body of work I produce for exhibition, I create a catalogue / book. This will be available on the Preview night for sale and therefore offers more towards illustration. The poster works in contrast, in reference to the images I am submitting, but hopefully will attract a lot of people to come and peruse and enjoy at their leisure. My work will be box framed and mounted on board and available to sell, hopefully with a book available too! So watch this space for the framed finished articles and more plugging nearer the date. I'm really excited about seeing what Rose and John have created and I think everyone will be very pleasantly surprised at the range of work on show. 

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