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Sunday, 17 March 2013


the current show at bucca
I was called by the Bucca Boys on Friday night on the way out of work. They wanted me to take part in the current show there. Just in time for me to load the car with the remainder of the paintings I had in the studio, so I could drive them down to Newlyn the next day. I was very lucky to have all 7 up in the show, and although my name is not in the press release etc, the right people are seeing my work, which is a lovely feeling and is much appreciated. With a solo show at Bucca, pencilled in for the Summer, I feel the work I have created is moving itself forward, which is very rewarding. Henry (Garfitt) has also asked me to run a mark making course for the Newlyn School of Art in the Autumn, which is really exciting as I love passing on what inspires me to fellow artists, and I feel the people who attend these courses really are there to learn about the process, their process and generally love creating in general.

I am also taking part in 'Limbo' which is part of the Cornwall Art Biennial 

A major new festival of visual arts in Cornwall incorporating painting, sculpture, film, performance, collaborative arts projects, screenings and talks is due to land in Truro.

A LETH production conceived and curated by Joseph Clarke and Samuel Bassett in association with Jesse Leroy Smith and Totally Truro; Limbo sets out to celebrate and connect strands of visual arts culture taking place within the region.

LIMBO is an exhibition and series of events taking place in The Old Coffin Store, Walsingham Road, Truro. It will potentially showcase the diverse practice of hundreds of artists working today.


First paint marks for the LETH Limbo piece, I actually really like these...one day I will do a project, only with my first marks.

then this...

...different combo

this was the one I chose...
...and the back, that has now changed again
paint palettes in progress

my favourite colours in my palette

Bucca with Pippa. Faye and David

my piece being jossled next to the bar


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