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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Resolutions and Distractions

Christmas has come and gone, leaving in it's wake a graveyard of broken promises and resolutions of 2012,  living in hope that the new ones will be executed with vigor and finesse. I don't make resolutions but I do have goals on a yearly and 5 yearly basis. My life plan is similar to everyone who wants a home and maybe a family. That is in the lap of the Gods, but I do have smaller plans. One is to really focus on the work that makes me tick, and create the work that I am passionate about. It is only recently that I have found a process and a way of working that I feel I can move forward in order to nurture for years to come. The bones of the process are there now and I have a structure to work from... the seed has finally been planted! It has taken me years but I finally feel like I have something of worth to offer, work that holds a trace of my soul. Work that has no other reason, other than it feels like the work I should be making. By not following a trend or a movement, or genre of art or artist, but creating work that comes from my own motions of inspiration, naturally.

After creating and advertising my own show at the Salt gallery there have been a few exhibitions and projects I could have got involved in, along with lots of competitions and group meetings to enter and go to. This has coincided with meeting the man I will marry in September. My priorities are changing considerably, and I don't mean changing in order to be married, but changing in a way that I feel compelled to do the work I have always wanted to do, or feel that it will be lost forever. Art for me is as important for my survival as breathing. I do have other interests and can easily put my pencil down to meet a friend for coffee or a walk, but without it in my life I would wither into a world of the mundane and typical routine.

I want to prioritise my work, to minimise the distractions in my world. I have started by moving to a quiet studio where the computer is closed and the phone coverage is nil, and I have been very lucky to have been given an amazing little space, in the property where I now live. It's only meant to be temporary, but it feels like home and I love it. It bodes well for the window of time I have put aside for this work to happen and I have already moved forward with my own work.

'Conclusion' 2012

One show that I did want to be part of was Bucca in Newlyn. Jesse (Leroy Smith) gave me a call and asked if I fancied putting some work into the new abstract show, so I did. The private view was last month and some interesting and lovely comments were being whispered around the room which was really lovely to hear. It was a strong show and I was proud to be part of it. It was a nice indication of what was working on different levels versus how people compared the two pieces I had in the show. I'm not sure the dog enjoyed it as much?

so that is it for now I will update with other news very soon. : )

les gals

Em n Faye

Faye Dobinson creeping into shot with her pics

Henry Garfitt piece, next to my two on the right


faye n lilou!

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