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Monday, 19 March 2012


I've just noticed that I have 39 followers, (thank you all for joining me) which is coincidently my age, so when I turn 40 will I get another follower? hmmmm?

So I had a busy week last week, with lots of energy spent making cards, books, prints, badges and painting for my current children's book. I was working so hard to get everything done in time, and then Wednesday was really full on with a deadline for three illustrations that would normally take a few days. I did them all in one day! On Thur I drove up to Plymouth for an evening preview of the Stuff fair I was taking part in. We set up around 3pm and opened at 5pm. It was a lovely event and I felt part of something really creative and was therefore in my element. We drove all the way back to Falmouth and back the next day, so we were all quite tired after the event, but it was worth it as we all made a couple of connections, and I made a currently virtual friend, an actual friend which was also bonus! so here are some pics that hopefully show the lovely creative bits and pieces on sale.
setting up

Phil browsing my book

BA Illustrations table

Images 35 / Illustration Stuff Fair

No Guts,  No Glory

people looking at our stuff

my stuff!

fro a different angle

my suitcase and the other guys stuff
selling my stuff!

other stuff

our little stall
the lovely organisers, Mel and Phil

Phil and the exhibition

Ro and Tom

Images 35 2012

plenty of biscuits on offer

and tea and coffee!

Ben doing his bit

Mel with an array of assorted biscuits

Andy's work

Andy and his table


  1. May I just say that I thought you were ten years younger than me!!!!! But I'll be joining the 4o-year-old club this April, so Hoorah!

    The stuff fair looks like fun. Glad to see you out there selling your stuff! (and Andy, too.)

  2. cheers Sasha, the Cornish air must be doing me some good then!.. but i also think when you bring up kids you feel more like an adult than those that haven't. I definitely do not feel like an adult yet! : / x