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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I am meant to be going to a private view for the new images exhibition in Plymouth tonight but I can't afford the fuel there and back. Mainly because I drove to Swindon, for a lecture, and back, I'm heading to Falmouth twice this week for illustration forums and Penzance on Friday for a private view! so Plymouth was a step too far, and is an early event and can't leave work yet. So I'm catching up on work after being away and therefore staying late instead. So today I am working between Little Tiger work and also trying to get my work ready for the Stuff fair next week.

 So firstly I did a lecture at Swindon College of Art and Design yesterday, and I was presenting to the Foundation and Illustration Degree students. It wasn't full, but the guys who made it were enthusiastic and asking questions at the end so all good. Below are some photos of me pointing lots and looking gormless, and doing a collagraph. The results were ok but it was meant to show a different way of using the printing process, using it more intuitively.

I have just received a note from one of the students at Swindon, hi Enoki, and she mentioned me on her blog here. It is notes like hers that makes the long journeys worth it. Thanks : )

me pointing at stuff!

pulling a face

students looking through my sketchbooks etc
Collagraph plate done in 5 minutes!

the result

Then came the badges! I ordered some postcards and some badges for the Stuff fair at PCAD next week and they've come... very exciting! and slowly getting bits and pieces together, putting a few bits in frames and I need to do some prints to sell too and I took my book to the printer today, and got one printed off. It's digital which is a huge compromise, but in the time and with my budget, it was my only choice....but they look ok! So I'll pick them up next week. Maybe a lithography set later in the year, if these sell! so all looking ok and I'm pleased!

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  1. Hi Caroline!

    Thanks for travelling all the way to visit! Once again, I really enjoyed your talk. Wish I hadn't a lesson on to have seen the collagraph demonstration. All the best with the Stuff fair! Your arts and crafts are divine.