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Friday, 11 December 2009

college proposal

...an idea I'm working on for my MA proposal... meanings and fuel behind it to follow later when I have time to add it on..but briefly exploring the way I natural practice art and illustration. Getting in touch with a more soulful practice that is intrinsically mine, exploring my unconscious mind/self...exciting stuff...
This is an image from the video (that I can't upload!). I want it to rotate and pulsate and sizzle to a soundtrack. Morphing from a character / shadow, that I see in my bedroom when I have nightmares, into this ball of detritus that pulses with life.
It is a very personal journey that I did not intend to follow but is very apparent in my life as I continue to deny my true potential and hide all the things, that are truly me, in my shadow! time to face the beast!..the video is also purely a sketch that represents a feeling or at least how I want the finished video to feel and look. The music is from a cd I play to calm and rebalance myself when I'm on my own... it's by Jonsi and Alex from Sigur Ros... Indian Summer from Rice Boy Sleeps.

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