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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Noodles is finished!!!

well I bleedin gone and dunnit!!!.. Noodle is all finished and sent off in full!.. I've just finished the covers woohoo!!... It really has been a hard book to get into and finish...especially with all that purple and the fact that I was so busy!.. I've added the text I created but no doubt this will differ on the actual one...

The other book has also been finished and will be collected by UPS to fly to the US tomorrow!...Those I won't put up on here! x

So onwards with my MA. I must find some more work to tide me over Christmas but not until I've had a break from the commercial and I intend to take a whole week off and get up late and go running and leave work on time and be creative! I may even do a couple of workshops and use the print room at college if I can...It feels so good to be free!!! I've started my research journal for my first proposal. I have decided to concentrate on what makes me tick and has made me tick in the past in my sketch books... to get what is in my head and my heart onto the page and into my work... To find my own voice and language. Everything seems happy again!...xxx

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