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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

hi5! flying high!!!

well... hi5 is going amazingly well.. I've actually started doing some sketch prelims...here they are.... just doodles really but I like the approach using both oils and acrylics...they are along the right lines...we have a space in Truro next to Bunters which is great and a couple of amazing people on board helping and giving advice and the space etc...so watch this space and the facebook page where new pics are going up...at the moment I'm taking inspiration from pics off the web so I have yet to find my own real original content but I'm sure I will. Just working through the pics and using the style I have used when I started my professional career. Just putting paint and colours down using a roller or brush then working into and on top of those colours layering and see what images come out of it...so the painting actually creates itself and guides me rather than me making the decisions...all very exciting!! now is the time to go big!!!xxx

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