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Thursday, 23 July 2009

what a great day!!!

hey.. I've had a great day!!!.. I had an email from Julia (Stone) asking if I could try and image for them for a new album cover. It's only a trial as yet as they're not sure if they're gonna use it yet but I really enjoyed doing it.. Back to my old realistic style... I didn't spend too much time on it and did it in half a day but I like it!... it needs a banner and cherubs and some flowers dotted around yet but this is the basic image... Great to be back in touch and hoping they use the image. I also made some brownies for my mate Duncan who's birthday it is and made some more cakes for the gig regatta on Sat..so all in all a really industrious day!.. and the sun came out aaaaaand I was in the winning crew at the local Newquay races last night.. Felt great! and we won a medal.. it was a real squeez as we were second all the way round until the last stretch where we passed the winning boat by a boat length to take the finish line in style!!! woohoo!!.. my boy has gone up to Leicester for a week so I miss him but lots to look forward to this week including meeting the hi5 guys at the Krowji art show in Redruth this Sunday..12 til late I think.. Bands playing and lots of tea and cake and art!... I did these logos for our group. I quite like them. the single hi5 hand works best...

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