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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Pendennis and the Summer Solstice

I saw the sunset last night over the estuary where I live, with wine in hand and the boys by my side. I saw the sun rise this morning over the headland, on the beach with friends. A good start to the mid summer. I went sketching in the day and found a couple of new spots I hadn't seen before. Basked in sunshine I stopped and did these sketches. I loved it and will be doing more while the weather lasts. This is definitely the kind of work that represents me most, so maybe enough of the 'trying to find a style for commercial work' and sticking to what comes very naturally and see what comes of it. Watch this space!


  1. Hello Caroline, I love your new work…I am not sure if you will remember me Trudi (Pink Giraffe) I had a studio close to you. I have just graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Illustration from Plymouth uni. I really enjoy this site and find it very inspiring.

  2. hey Trudi, did you get my reply? can't see it? sent it in July?