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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Aesthetip and the calm after the storm

Aesthetip magazine 2013-14

Aesthetip comes to an end... huge shame that after trying so hard to get funding, Steve and Em from Aesthetip couldn't get the support they needed to continue the magazine. So much goes into designing, editing and arranging contributors and work etc, so it is no longer....for now anyway??... so pop along and see all, and the final issue here. It aint over yet.

Emma and Steve of Aestheti

Insight avec moi

Lots more projects to come, including Insight which I am featured in. A great project about artists in there studios. Offering an insight in to their art practice and what makes them tick and create. A book to come and more news soon.

So after the excitement of the residency in St Ives, I came home and played around with some images and here they are. Somethings happening, not sure what though yet. I have had in my mind for some time that collage should come back into my life. I have always loved it and I think now that is time to be revisted. Along with more painting... and on a more commercial note I have started illustrating some of the book cover imagery that I have done for commercial books, in my own authorial style.  To eee how they differ and also help work towards a new folio using content that is published but the copyright is mine. Interesting to see I hope... next post maybe?

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